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Forging the technologies of tomorrow-utilizing our expertise in the label and media businesses to support industry.

  • High-Precision Lapping and Polishing Media
  • Devices & Equipment

Expanding possibilities

Based on our policy of "quality first," we have established a strict quality control framework to ensure only superior products. In addition to improving quality, we are also leading the way in terms of cost reduction, with such efforts including all-out streamlining of our design system. We are equally proud of our customer-first policy that promptly offers the best quality, at the best prices.

Our technologies

We have accumulated a wealth of unique technologies through our long history of developing, manufacturing and commercializing magnetic cards. These technologies are a unique asset. In particular, we have focused on dispersion technology, coating technology, composition design capabilities and equipment design technology as our core technologies. These have been applied to CMP slurries and other precision lapping and polishing media, various functional films and information-processing devices.

Manufacturing for superior quality

We have achieved sound results since entering the field of electronics materials. We will continue to expand the market by enhancing the quality of existing products while at the same time reducing their costs. In addition, we will strive to actively develop new products and enter new markets, based on our unique technologies.

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