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TOPPAN TDK LABEL has developed and manufactured information devices and equipment, such as terminals for rewritable cards, RFID system equipment (reader/writer, etc.) and IC chip tags. We can accommodate various environments and support detailed customer requirements.

We will continue to develop and manufacture highly reliable equipment that caters to customers' needs.

Terminals for rewritable cards

Using leuco dye as a raw material, we have developed a rewritable colorful card and proposed new marketing models using the card in conjunction with rewritable card terminals.

  • - Thermal printing/erasing of rewritable cards
  • - Recording/reading magnetic data stored on magnetic cards
  • - Import/recognition of images with CIS
  • - Stable transport of paper and plastic cards
  • - High reliability, with 300,000 units sold in and outside Japan
Terminals for rewritable cards

RFID reader/writer and IC embedded products

Coin-shaped IC card / IC chip card / 3ch reader/writer / Reader/writer compatible with NFC communication standards

We manufacture IC tag labels with an RFID inlet in between, and supply readers/writers and other system equipment. We also support the operation of such systems on customers' databases.

  • - Readers/writers and media compatible with ISO/IEC14443 Type-A and B and FeliCa*
  • - Readers/writers and media compatible with the NFC communication standards
  • - Readers/writers and media compatible with ISO/IEC15693
  • - SmartCard (contact IC card)

*FeliCa is a contactless IC card technology developed by Sony Corporation and is a registered trademark of Sony Corporation.

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