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High-Precision Lapping and Polishing Media

TOPPAN TDK LABEL has established innovative ultra-precision lapping and polishing technology by applying the dispersion and coating technologies we have accumulated over the years. Based on organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry and surface chemistry, we develop and design lapping and polishing media using a chemical processing technology. We supply lapping and polishing media to suit customers' specifications, thereby contributing to progress within the electronics industry.

CMP Slurry

We mass-produce two types of CMP slurries for copper wiring of semiconductors for copper interconnections and barrier metals for the nodes of 130 nm, 90 nm, 65 nm and 45 nm. We are recognized as a successful key partner of major electronics manufacturers.
In addition, we are actively developing CMP slurries for the next-generation 32 nm nodes and low-k materials.

CMP Slurry

Lapping and Polishing Films

Our premium lapping and polishing tapes are widely used for precision machining of electronic devices such as semiconductor wafers and magnetic heads. Abrasives, such as fine particle diamond, alumina (WA) and silicon carbide (GC), dispersed on binder resin that offers optimum lapping and polishing properties, are coated on PET films, for processing into tapes and sheets.

Some disc products have precision patterns created by using precision printing technology. We enforce stringent quality control from the raw materials stage to the manufacturing stage, and ensure high efficiency during processing by utilizing a specially structured lapping layer.

Disc types / Tape types / Sheet types
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