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High-Precision Lapping and Polishing Media

Major applications of lapping and polishing films

Ceramic machining

Use of precision printing technology has enabled special, precision pattern printing on the lapping layer. Our lapping and polishing media offer higher levels of precision and durability.

  • - HDD head row bar lapping and polishing
  • - Blending of HDD heads
  • - Chamfering of composite magnetic heads
  • - Blending of high-capacity magnetic heads
Ceramic machining

Brittle material machining

We supply diamond lapping films that boast low levels of metal contamination for use in clean-room precision machining processes. We enforce extremely stringent quality control over everything — from raw material stage to the manufacturing process — and employ a lapping layer with a special structure for highly efficient processing.

  • - Si wafer edge lapping and polishing for semiconductor devices
  • - Bare Si wafer edge lapping and polishing
  • - Sapphire and SiC substrate lapping and polishing
Brittle material machining

Glass machining

By offering a rich selection of product lineups, we can handle various processing needs.

Broadband communication networks are a key infrastructure of 21st century society. TOPPAN TDK LABEL's abrasives technology is used also in optical fiber connector edge lapping and polishing.

  • - Polishing of optical fiber connector edges
Glass machining

Soft material machining

We supply a lapping and polishing film for flattening protrusions generated in the process of LCD color filter production.

This type of lapping and polishing film allows the stable repair of protrusions with varying hardness and size, and we meet the expectations of many color film manufacturers by offering lapping and polishing films with a wide range of particle sizes.

  • - LCD color filter modification
  • - Burnishing of 3.5-inch FD media surfaces
  • - HD burnishing
Soft material machining
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